Episode 11 – Culture is King

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Aaron Smith is the founder and innovator behind KX Pilates, Australia’s largest pilates franchise, which features over 75 studios across the country and international expansion plans on the horizon. But for Aaron, running a successful franchise empire was never about the money. Even at the start. Aaron first experienced reformer pilates while working as a […]

Episode 10 – Money V Time – You Decide!

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Hal Hershfield is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision-making at UCLA. His research surrounds not just how we make long-term decisions, but how we can help ourselves make better long-term decisions—by our own definitions, at least—and how we weigh up the decision of time against money. It’s something we’ve all struggled with at […]

Episode 07 – The Power of Present – A Tech Start Up & Newlywed (with baby on the way)

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Sarah Hawley has always been ahead of the curve.  She started her first private wealth management company in her late 20s. Through this, she identified a gap in the market, and launched Australia’s first millennial-focused financial advisory firm. In 2014 she launched Grow My Team, a remote work consultancy firm.  Her newest venture, Growmotely, takes […]

Episode 05 – It’s Not The Dollars, It’s the Cause

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Emily Wallace runs and owns her own property buyer’s advocacy business. For Emily, outside of the initial early days of opening her books to clients, it’s never been about the money. Revenue is an important factor, of course, but it’s always been about providing education, and helping first home owners achieve their property dreams. But […]

Episode 04 – Making BRW Fast 100 & Sale by 40 with 4 kids

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Paul Marsh is the owner and co-founder of P2 Group, a specialist consulting company that assists employers proactively manage occupational health cover and workplace compensation claims. Paul built a successful business from the ground up, making the BRW Fast 100 in 2012. And, at the tender age of 40, Paul went through a liquidity event […]

Episode 03 – Thriving with Tyres, Positivity & Passion

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Craig is the manager and founder of Heavy Haulers & Phiit Club, an outdoor group fitness program he runs with his wife, Jess, where amongst other copious exercises members perform compound exercises using large, tyres.  There are many things that drive people to success. And for Craig, it’s not just about the bank balance. While […]

Episode 02 – The Value of Daydreaming

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It takes a unique group of individuals to run their own business. They’re passionate. Stubborn. Aspirational, and hard-working. They can’t be afraid to buck trends, explore alternative solutions… and daydream. These aren’t typically qualities you’d expect to find in the tightly-regulated, process-driven legal world. This is the world that Marianne Marchesi lives in. Marianne is […]