Episode 20 – Exclusive v Sustainable – Investing for Success – Part 2

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The dangers of DIY investing There are some things that you just shouldn’t do yourself; home electricals, haircuts, medical diagnoses and investing. That is… unless you’re a professional. This was a clear and recurring theme throughout our discussion with Dr Steve Garth of Principia Investment Consultants. But why is that? “When you’ve got a little […]

Episode 19 – Exclusive V Sustainable – Investing for success

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Investors are not rational, but are they academic? There is a saying; a different approach, results in a different outcome. For the case of our podcast guest, Dr Steve Garth, that is 100% true. Steve brings together a rare combination of abilities that has taken him to the highest levels of academia, finance and business. […]

Episode 18 – Flipping Feedback On Its Head

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For most organisations, feedback and performance reviews are just a ‘tick box’. Something that you have to do once or twice a year to keep HR happy. But, what if instead of just being a ‘tick and flick’, these interactions were actually a meaningful, positive experience for both your leaders and your team? This is […]

Episode 17 – Flying Paper Planes

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It’s interesting how an adverse situation can set you on a new path in life. And sometimes, upon reflection, it seems that the new path was the right one for you all along. This is what happened to my guest, David Harrison, CEO of The Essential Group. David grew up watching aviation shows as a […]

Episode 16 – Passion vs. Money: Can you ever have both?

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  “I used to think that my passion was money”. The man who quoted here is Tim Washington; a business owner, family man, and the future of Australia’s clean vehicle industry. Tim is the founder of JET charge, a company that is driving Australia’s transition to low-cost, zero-emissions mobility by providing electronic car charging stations. […]

Episode 15 – The Journey, not the Destination

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“Business is like life, you can’t cut corners.” Just one of the inspiring pieces of advice that came out of my interview with Matej Varhalik. CEO and Founder of Speedfit. For Matej, it is that focus on the journey, and all that comes with it – the good, the bad, the ugly – that helps […]

Episode 14 – The Circle of Generosity

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Most people think that the end goal of working hard is to accumulate as much money as possible, buy a nice house and a nice car, go on holidays and live comfortably. But what if the goal was to accumulate as much money as possible, just to give away to others? Not many people we […]

Episode 13 – The Business of Family: Making it work

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When you hear the words “family business”, what do you think of? Complicated? Blurred? Emotional? How about; long-term, loyal and nimble? Kin in the Game, led by Martin Tobin, is all about helping make that switch from potentially negative or challenging, to instead taking full advantage of the many benefits of being a family business. […]

Episode 12 – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Business

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Emily and Marc Rovere are the owners of DLC Nutrition smoothie bars. The husband and wife duo are passionate about all things health, fitness and helping others, and have managed to create a thriving business that does this in spades. But their success didn’t come easily. It was losing half a million dollars in their […]

Episode 11 – Culture is King

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Aaron Smith is the founder and innovator behind KX Pilates, Australia’s largest pilates franchise, which features over 75 studios across the country and international expansion plans on the horizon. But for Aaron, running a successful franchise empire was never about the money. Even at the start. Aaron first experienced reformer pilates while working as a […]